Luis Martinez- Guillermo puts great effort into improving my skills as a hitter, not only mechanically but mentally as well. He does a great job communicating with me, breaking down every aspect of my swing. Correcting one phase at a time and allowing me to see and understand the adjustments needed to maximize my swing. In addition, Guillermo uses video as resource to further more break down my mechanics, giving me a more detailed understanding. The most beneficial factor to me is, being able to see my swing in slow motion allowing me to see and identify my weaknesses in my swing. He then applies specific instruction and drills tailored to correct those weaknesses, thus creating a mechanically sound, well-balanced swing. Guillermo brings passion, knowledge, constancy and results! I highly recommend attending his clinics and working with him.

Jorge Soler Chicago Cubs ProHitting Baseball


Jorge Soler- Working with Guille has given me much confidence. His approach to hitting and teaching is beyond the norm. His attention to detail has helped me break down my own swing and simply has made me a more productive hitter.


Luis Montanez Guille has been a big influence for me. He has taught me things about my swing that no one has pointed out. With how much he looks at film, he is has helped me develop a routine to improve my swing.


German Duran- I would like to thank G for the great work he has put in with me. He is very professional when it comes to the instruction. I have worked with many MLB Hitting coaches but he keeps it very clear and fun at the same time. Hitting is a very difficult thing to do, G keeps it simple by using video so you can see the issue for yourself.


Alex Castellanos- I’ve known Guillermo for a while now, we go back since we played together in high school.  Lets just say I haven’t met anyone more passionate on hitting then him. He’s constantly learning and finding ways to understand you better as a person so he can speak your language on hitting to better communicate the issues to correct. I have recently started hitting with him during the offseason. He has out worked anyone I have ever hit with.


Jacob Anderson- When it comes to hitting Guillermo definitely knows what he is doing. He has made me a better hitter not only through mechanics but most important the mental side approach to hitting. He was ready to work with me everyday during early work. I can say I enjoy working with Guillermo; he truly has helped me become a professional hitter.


Matt Dean- I really enjoyed working with G for the simple fact that he did the listening before he made any corrections. He knew how to talk to me from the hitting perspective due to him just getting done playing few years back. G knew how to turn a difficult task and make it easy. We have taken countless amounts of hacks in the cage and I couldn’t even tell you how many things I have learned in the short amount of time with him. I have learned to work like a big leaguer not just work to maybe become one. I can’t wait to get back in the cage with G.


Derrick Loveless- When I first met G I had a instant connection with him.  Through his recent playing experience he was able to relate with all of us on the daily grind that involved in hitting. He knew how to guide me through mechanics and what I thought was most important approach. I always made sure he was the coach I worked with because I found to trust him. Working with him he always made sure I was doing the right mechanics. Even if I weren’t hitting well he would always tell me to focus so much more on the feeling rather then the result. Even though we were there to work he made it fun to where you could relax and smile and still get the right amount of work in to get you ready for the day. He’s big league in everything he does; making sure the things he teaches can help you reach their full potential. He cares more about you than his own image as a coach. The thing that I like about him the most is that he is REAL… Knowing he doesn’t gain more than a friendship from us as players he still loves to teach us and hang around us. That what makes a good coach being able to build a relationship with us but also showing us to do things right.


Zane Chavez- Besides the knowledge he has, the most impressive thing that I like about Gui, is the fact that he really cares and works with you continuously until things are done right.


Seth Connor- When I first met G, I knew I would like him. He was quiet, attentive and always trying to learn, Watching and trying to understand your swing and you before he made an assessment, rather than diving in and telling you everything that was wrong.  He was a younger guy who had finished playing not to long ago, so he was different in the fact that he knew the ups and downs of baseball. He is relatable, encouraging, and positive and knows what it takes to get the players to the next level, not only physically but mentally as well. G does a great job of keeping it Professional and knowing when to be serious, but he also keeps it loose allowing the game of baseball to still be fun. He is more focused on you understanding and feeling what he is trying to teach you and then the results are a by-product of that. Another by product of that is that you as a student will be able to understand your swing to properly self diagnosed at bat to at bat, game to game, which is huge for any baseball player. I am so grateful for G and the help that he has been during my playing career.


Anthony Iapoce (Special Assistant to GM/ Player Development) - I’ve been in professional baseball for 20 years. I have met a select few who teach hitting with passion and focus like Gui can. Bringing him onboard to the Chicago Cubs organization is exciting. Players connect with him & want to learn from him.


John Schneider (Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Manager) - Guillermo  Martinez is one of the best there is when it comes to hitting. He has the rare ability to not only break down a professional swing but to relate to players because he was once in their shoes. He is the definition of a professional.