“It is my goal as a dedicated and motivated hitting coach to develop a players maximum potential by teaching the proper hitting mechanics and mental approach it takes to become a Major League hitter. It is mandatory to be able to communicate with the hitter on: what’s happening, why it is happening and how we are going to make the necessary adjustments to become a better hitter.  I will establish a working relationship with my hitters so they can trust and believe in my work. I will gain their trust by dedicating myself to the player’s career through passion, motivation and honesty. It is my responsibility to educate, teach and provide the training necessary in a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere. As an effective teacher and leader, I am not just developing hitters; I will be developing players who will then lead and pass on their discipline, enthusiasm and passion to others.” - Guille

Pro Hitting Baseball Academy

  • Coordinate team practices for Elite Teams in Florida and other individual travel teams.
  • Coordinate Travel High School Travel Teams for College/Professional Showcases.
  • Incorporate both Summer Teams/ Professional Speed/Strength Training with Pro Hitting and S3.

Pro Hitting Baseball Camps/Clinics/Lessons

  • Organized over 20 Major camps for kids of all ages. (During MLB off-season)
  • All camps are instructed by only Former and Current Professional Players.
  • All camps have current MLB players as Guest Speaker.
  • Given over 10,000 private and group training sessions.
  • Used as a Guest Speaker in Hitting Clinics around the country. (Fontana CA, Knoxville TN, Atlanta GA, Tampa FL, Miami FL)
  • Organize Pro Hitting Clinics- Visually educating players from all ages and experience on the Professional Swing by using JC Video to analyze and break down hitting mechanics.
  • Over 3000 videos on file for comparison ranging from Top Minor League Prospects, Top MLB Players and Historical Swings.
  • Currently training MLB Hitters, Top Professional Prospects, and Draft Prospects during offseason.
  • Developed “Pro Hitting Swing DVD”
    *DVD FEATURES: MLB Hitters Guide & Hitting Analysis Video